Three Reasons Why You Might Need Eye Surgery

Eye surgeries are commonly done throughout Australia for a variety of reasons, some more frequently than others. If you are experiencing symptoms relating to your eye you may be wondering whether or not you will be eligible for eye surgery in the near future. While most issues with the eye can be sorted without serious surgery, minor surgery is much more common and can be used to fix a range of conditions. [Read More]

If You Don't Like the Idea of Glasses, Lenses or Laser Surgery, What Options Do You Have?

If you're relatively young and suffer from myopia, you may be getting used to a life of wearing glasses or contact lenses or may even be thinking about laser surgery down the road. Yet recent advances in technology may be able to give you another solution due to a process known as orthokeratology. What is this mouthful, and why could it be a good solution for you? Gradual Reshaping Many optometrists will refer to this procedure as " [Read More]